the futurists

the futurists

Now In Production:  THE FUTURISTS

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”  ~Jules Verne

With the future hurtling toward us at breakneck speed, foresight is the great need of our times. The most important thing happening today is not reported in the news.  It’s the global transformation of technology and society that is creating an age of hyperchange.

Meet THE FUTURISTS. They analyze trends, anticipate changes and help people, companies and governments think creatively about their direction and meaning. They do not predict the future; they project possible, probable, and preferable futures.

Get an inside look at the most compelling issues facing humanity today, from the trend-watchers and problem solvers in the world’s most progressive think tanks.



Now In Production:  TASTEMAKERS

Meet the Tastemakers, a global series that identifies creative leaders who are shaping and transforming their cultures, and making our world a far more fascinating place.

Get an inside look at their lives, and discover how their perspectives are impacting the way we see, listen, share and think across borders.

Serena Yang connects the dots in a world that’s now intimately wired through technology, communication and constant cross-pollination. A lifelong arts, culture and entertainment reporter with pioneering shows on CNN, Discovery, Travel Channel and E!, Serena searches for innovators who are shaping contemporary culture and transforming the arts, the streets, business, technology and thought leadership around the world.

“The world is now a deeply interconnected place,” she says. “Technology is dramatically shifting our work and lives. Revolutionary change is happening every day, and mindshare makes us all better. This series is about new markets, new ways of thinking, and how we can inspire each other.”

Discover the people who are forging new paths in their respective fields of film, music, design, social action and entrepreneurship.

Get a taste of what’s happening out there…from people making it happen.