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I get lost looking at art.  It just makes me feel more human.  For me, the connection stems from knowing that each object is a direct reflection of the person who made it.  Whatever the reason for creating it – commissioned art, tortured art, practical, outrageous – it’s all a reflection of an individual hand.  Someone’s thought process.  Someone’s vision made real.

I’m always fascinated by the why, but more than anything else, I love to picture the person actually making it.  The tools.  The time invested.  The mistakes.  The everyday frustrations of the creative process.  The journey from a lump of clay.

Ancient art is particularly humbling, when you see an exquisitely detailed piece of glazed pottery dated “3500 BC” and realize that we’re all a spec of sand in human history, and not necessarily more sophisticated.  Did the person who made that vessel have any idea he would stir my soul, thousands of years later?

Art sews together every era and every culture in such a powerful way.

You’ll see a wide range of art, textures and creative inspiration here.  Some with captions and some without, so I can post quickly, and often.  A visual diary to keep the inspiration flowing and keep seeing the world anew.

Remember, no one else can create something exactly like you can.  No one else has your hands, your voice or your spirit.


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