I’ve always been driven to connect with people on a deeper level. I think thatʼs the core reason why I do what I do. As a writer, producer and director, I wear many different hats. But they’re all in service of a single instinct: to chase epiphanies.

I live for great conversation. Listening is a life philosophy, and so is peeling the onion. I’ve made a career out of asking questions so I can stay in a constant state of learning. In this age of information overload, overselling and oversimplification, I crave intimacy, honesty and soul.

Iʼve been lucky to have spent my career so far interviewing some of the most accomplished figures of our day. Through the past ten years, my work as an international journalist for CNN, Discovery, Travel Channel and E! has enabled me to speak with people from wildly diverse backgrounds – from former President Jimmy Carter to body piercing pioneer Fakir Musafar. And I’ve found them all to be teachers.

As a cultural explorer, I’m happily at home in places where I canʼt read the street signs.  I spend a lot of time photographing, tasting and combing subcultures for creative inspiration.  I seek out interesting voices and new perspectives in order to stay vigilantly open-minded.  And I try to infuse that spirit into everything I create.

I believe in designing your life and everything in it with a distinct sense of joy, purpose and appreciation.  Every day, I find something or design something that makes me think, “yes.”  It’s never about accruing things.  It’s about weeding out the noise and creating a world that feeds your happiness and reflects your deepest values.

True north for me is perhaps best reflected in the Japanese term “shibusa/shibui,” which you’ll see here as a recurring thread.  Shibusa refers to a natural and imperfect beauty that balances simplicity with complexity.  It expresses elegance, depth and paradox.  Like a life well-lived, it reveals new meaning over time.

In addition to telling stories and working as a creative director for major media companies, I’m creating a universe of ideas, art and imagery, here, to share with you.

How can I add value, insight, inspiration?

Please visit often and let me know.